For All Time

For All Time - Meredith Resce Despite being mentioned at the start of the book about its historical incorrectness, it became quite a nuisence as you venture futher on through the book and ultimatley finding yourself nitpicking about how there were no knights in the 16th century and so forth. Authors have so much room to be creative but why intrude on that area?

Authors can make up a fictional place, characters and complications but when it comes to history and time periods I do believe that should not be altered. Altering what happened in the time period will give people a false understanding of the past. Whenever you read a novel you almost always take something away with you, something you've learnt but in this novel I can't say I could take anything away from it because I didn't know whether to trust what was written in it.

From a Christian person's perspective, this book had too many biblical references it almost made me sick as a reader. They had petty Christian arguments and Christian this and that. The author should've put a warning on the front of the book titled 'Excessive Christian pontification'.

A lot more could've been done with this book. So much work was placed into making Sir Percival seem like a revenging and sly backstabber and there was no great complication arisen out of that. There were a few warm moments were a little tension arose with Sir Percival which would've been the perfect place to throw in a complication. Instead, Adam and Analiese were just too caught up in love which became the main focus.

To end a book with it's title can be described with no other word than 'uncool'. It's extremely cliche and I stopped doing that when I entered highschool. Lets face it, it's easy to end a book with it's title so in other words it's a copout.