Beneath the Dark Ice (Alex Hunter #1)

Beneath the Dark Ice (Alex Hunter #1) - Greig Beck To get to the point, the book on a whole was a little below average. It took to pages 190 - 200 to get interesting. This was Greig Becks biggest downfall with the writing side of things. The intro was somewhat captivating but after that, every subsequent page was like grinding teeth until it got interesting (pages 190-200).

Throughout the book, there was too much banter on "Oh look, this is an ancient..." And from there, was too much incomprehensible babble with biological words that all if I know meant nothing(probably madeup).

The characters also were a bit boring (Except Silex who... died). But the ending was great.

If you're considering reading this book, I wouldn't. I would advise a direct detour to Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth who had indepth characters.